Warranty & Returns FAQs

Theragun devices are manufactured with high-quality industrial parts designed to last. If any malfunctions occur, your limited warranty covers:. Theragun PRO
  • Device & charger: 2 years
  • Lithium-ion batteries: 90 days
  • World travel charger: 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Wireless charging stand: 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Attachments: 30 days
Theragun Elite
  • Device & charger: 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Wireless charging stand: 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Power adapter: 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Attachments: 30 days
Theragun Prime
  • Device & charger: 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Charging stand: 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Power adapter: 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Attachments: 30 days
Theragun mini
  • Device & charger: 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Charging stand: 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Power adapter: 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Attachments: 30 days
  • Device & charger – 2 years
  • Lithium-ion batteries – 90 days
  • World travel charger – 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Charging stand – 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Attachments: 30 days
  • Device & charger – 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Charging stand – 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Power adapter – 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Attachments – 30 days
  • Device & charger – 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Charging stand – 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Power adapter – 1 year (2 years in the EU/UK)
  • Attachments: 30 days

To have the Theragun device or a part repaired or replaced under warranty, it must be returned with freight prepaid and insured to Therabody. This warranty does not apply to damage that Therabody determines to be from repairs made or attempted by anyone other than Therabody authorized personnel, including misuse, alterations, abuse, normal wear and tear, lack of maintenance, or accidents. For any warranty issues, please email info@therabody.com.

Therabody does not authorize anyone, including, but not limited to, retailers, remote purchasers or the subsequent consumer purchaser of the product from a retailer to obligate Therabody in any way beyond the terms set forth herein.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or abuse, accident, liquids, including but not limited to, water or lotions, the attachment of any unauthorized accessories, alteration to the product, improper use, unauthorized repairs or modifications, improper use of electrical power supply, loss of power, variation in line voltage, dropped product, malfunction or damage of an operating part from failure to provide manufacturer’s recommended maintenance, transportation damage, theft, neglect, vandalism or environmental conditions, loss of use during the period the product is at the Theragun repair facility or otherwise awaiting parts or repair or any other conditions whatsoever that are beyond the control of Therabody.

This warranty provided herein shall be the sole and exclusive warranty. There shall be no other warranties expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness, or any other obligation on the part of the company with respect to products covered by this warranty. Therabody shall have no liability for any incidental, consequential or special damages. In no event shall this warranty require more than the repair or replacement of any part or parts which is found to be defective within the effective warranty period. No refunds will be given. If replacement parts for defective and materials are not available, Therabody reserves the right to make product substitutions in lieu of repair or replacement.

This warranty does not extend to the purchase of opened, used, repaired, repackaged and/or resealed products, including but not limited to the sale of such products on Internet auction sites and/or sales of such products by surplus or bulk resellers. Any and all warranties or guarantees shall immediately cease and terminate as to any products or parts thereof which are repaired, replaced, altered, or modified without the prior express and written consent of Theragun, Inc.

This warranty provides you with specific legal rights. You may have additional rights, which may vary from state to state. Because of individual state regulations, some of the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you.

This warranty is effective for all Theragun products purchased through a Therabody website within the timelines covered. Any modifications or adaptation to enable it to operate in any other country are not covered under this warranty.

We want you to love your Theragun as much as we do. If there is any reason you are not satisfied with your Theragun, you have 30 days to return it with a money-back guarantee.

If you purchased from a retail partner please return the item directly to them.

For orders made on our website:

1. Returns are accepted within the first 30 days from the date of purchase.

2. Once we receive your email, a member of our team will provide you with a Return Authorization Form to complete and send back to us. The form must be included with your return. Please keep in mind, we don’t cover the shipping cost for the returned device. We advise that you hold onto your tracking information as we’re not responsible for lost packages by the carrier.

3. Once we receive the return device to our warehouse, it will take approximately 2 business days to process a refund.

4. Once we issue a refund, it can take 5-7 business days for it to reflect in your original method of payment.

All orders US orders must ship returns to Long Beach, California, USA. Exact return addresses will be provided by our customer experience team during the return process.

Please note all returns must include a Return Authorization Form. We must receive the items within 30 days of purchase. Please reach out to our Customer Experience Team via email at info@theragun.com

We strive to make the Theragun as safe as possible. This is an advanced mechanical tool with electric components. If the Theragun and its accessories are not used or maintained properly, there is a risk of fire, electric shock, or injury. When using the Theragun, these basic precautions should always be followed including:

USE ONLY AS INSTRUCTED. Use the device as described in the Instruction Manual. Use only Theragun recommended accessories and replacement parts. Do not carry out any maintenance other than as advised by Theragun.

NOT FOR CHILDREN. Theragun devices and chargers are not intended for use by young children or persons with reduced physical, sensory or reasoning capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction by a responsible person. Do not allow any Theragun device to be used as a toy. Close attention is necessary when used by or near children. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with Theragun devices or chargers.


REDUCING RISK OF INJURY. Charge each Theragun device with the designated Theragun charger. Other chargers may cause personal injury or damage. Do not connect the Theragun device to a power supply plug or car cigarette lighter. The internal battery will be permanently disabled or damaged.

USE THE THERAGUN DEVICE ONLY WITH THERAGUN BATTERIES. Use of other batteries may result in a risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury.

CHARGING LOCATIONS. The Theragun should be charged indoors in a well ventilated, dry location. Do not charge the Theragun outdoors, in a bathroom or within 10 feet (3.1 meters) of a bathtub, or pool. Do not use the Theragun or charger on wet surfaces and do not expose the charger to moisture, rain, or snow. Do not use the Theragun or charger in the presence of explosive atmospheres (gaseous fumes, dust, or flammable materials). Sparks may be generated, possibly causing a fire.

UNPLUGGING THE CHARGER. Pull the plug, not the cord, to reduce the risk of damage to the electrical plug and cord. Never carry the charger by its cord. Keep the cord away from heat, oil, and sharp edges. Do not use or charge with a damaged cord. Do not stretch the charger cord or place the cord under strain. Keep the cord away from heated surfaces. Do not handle the charger, including the charger terminals or Theragun with wet hands.

CHARGER CARE. Unplug the charger when not in use. Unplug the charger from the outlet when not in use for extended periods. Make sure the charger cord is located so that it will not be stepped on, tripped over, or otherwise subjected to damage or stress. Have a damaged charger replaced immediately.

DO NOT OVERCHARGE. Do not leave the battery in the charger for more than an hour after the battery has been fully charged. The battery includes a protection system to avoid the risk of overcharging. However, overcharging may reduce its life over time.

DO NOT BLOCK MOTOR VENTS. Do not put any obstructions into vents. Do not use it if any vent is blocked. Keep free of dust, lint, hair, and anything that may reduce airflow. Keep hair, loose clothing, and fingers from vents and moving parts.

DO NOT BURN OR INCINERATE THE THERAGUN OR ITS BATTERY. The battery may explode, causing personal injury or damage. Toxic fumes and materials are created when the battery is burned.

DO NOT CRUSH, DROP, OR DAMAGE THE THERAGUN CHARGER. Do not use a charger that has received a sharp blow, has been dropped, run over, or damaged in any way.

BATTERY CHEMICALS CAUSE SERIOUS BURNS. Never allow the internal battery to come into contact with the skin, eyes, or mouth. If a damaged battery leaks chemicals, use rubber or neoprene gloves to dispose of it. If skin is exposed to battery fluids, wash with soap and water and rinse with vinegar. If eyes are exposed to battery chemicals, immediately flush with water for 20 minutes and seek medical attention. Remove and dispose of contaminated clothing.

DO NOT SHORT CIRCUIT. A battery will short circuit if a metal object makes a connection between the positive and negative contacts on the battery or the 12V connector. A short-circuited battery may cause fire and personal injury.

DO NOT OPERATE UNDER BLANKET AND PILLOW. Excessive heating can occur and cause fire, electric shock, or injury.

STORING THERAGUN DEVICES AND CHARGER. Store in a cool, dry place. Only charge the device when the ambient temperature is between 0°C/32°F and 40°C/104°F. Do not store the device where temperatures may exceed 40°C/104°F such as in direct sunlight, in a vehicle, or metal building during the summer.

DISPOSING OF BATTERIES. The Theragun lithium-ion batteries are more environmentally friendly than some other types of batteries. Always dispose of the batteries according to federal, state, and local regulations. Contact a recycling agency in your area for recycling locations. Even discharged batteries contain some energy. Before disposing of, use electrical tape to cover the 12V connector to prevent the battery from shorting, which could cause a fire or explosion.

DO NOT DISASSEMBLE. Disassembly or incorrect reassembly may result in the risk of electric shock, fire, or exposure to battery chemicals. The warranty will be void if the device, or charger are disassembled or if any parts have been removed.

SERVICE. If the Theragun battery or charger is not working properly, has received a sharp blow, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, do not use and contact Therabody by emailing info@therabody.com for repair or service. Do not attempt to repair or disassemble any Theragun device which may result in an electric shock or fire.

DO NOT USE WHILE BATHING OR IN TUB OR SINK. Do not place the Theragun or charger where it can fall into a tub or sink. Do not place in or drop into water or other liquid. Do not reach for an appliance that has fallen into water. Unplug immediately.

THERMAL LIMITER. The Theragun has an automatic reset thermal limiter that shuts off the Theragun to prevent overheating and fire.

Theragun PRO, Elite, Prime, or Wave Roller orders purchased online at Therabody.com or at Therabody Reset locations between November 20, 2020 and December 14, 2020 can be returned until January 15, 2021 (some exceptions apply). Returns must be received at our facility by January 15, 2021. Please allow 5-7 days for return mail. Proof of purchase is required. Any purchases made after December 14, 2020 will follow our normal Return Policy guidelines. Items marked ‘final sale’ cannot be returned.


In retail terms, warranties are referred to and considered guarantees. They are agreements which call for the replacement or repair of tangible personal property with either no additional charge, or a reduced charge for parts or labor. It also refers to replacement or repair of the tangible property based upon happenings of some unforeseen occurrence or event that renders a faulty product. The property needs to be repaired within the warranty period. Some retailers also give extended warranties which sometimes require additional charges to the customer.


Order Notes in the right sidebar will log refunds. Keep an eye on the order notes to learn if it’s been logged or if there’s an error message. A successful “Refunded” message in order notes concludes the refund.