Meet the most advanced
rollers in recovery.

Three distinct shapes. Three distinct purposes. With smart connectivity and innovative wave texture, our all-new line of rollers are precisely designed to adapt powerful vibration and pressure to the body’s unique physiology.

The versatility your recovery needs.

Three versatile shapes meet specific needs of the body’s unique physiology, while texturized silicone adds an additional dimension of muscle work to deliver a more effective vibration. When today’s recovery routine calls for the extra pressure of rolling, we’ve got you covered.

Wave Solo

Spherical shape and low surface area focus powerful vibration and pressure on pinpointed areas such as the feet and hip flexors. QuietRoll Technology™ effectively mutes any reverberation to surrounding environment.

Wave Duo

Contoured shape comfortably targets the back and neck muscles on either side of the spine, while avoiding extra pressure on the spine itself.

Wave Roller

Full-body rolling amplified with 5 powerful vibration settings. Maximizes surface area for rolling out those larger muscle groups.

The most advanced technology in rolling and recovery

Meeting your evolving recovery needs.

Your recovery needs may change daily. And when they do, our latest innovations meet you right where you’re at. Need the power of a Theragun? We’re here. Back feeling like it needs the extra pressure of a full-body roll? You got it. It's all about finding the right solutions for you.

Find the right Wave Series device for you