Theragun Accessories FAQs

If your Theragun PRO’s battery has died, the Theragun PRO Wireless Charging Stand will fully charge the battery within 125 minutes.

We recommend changing your device attachments every 60-90 days, depending on the amount of times they are used during treatments.

All attachments are covered by a 30 day limited warranty.

Each of our attachments is designed to treat specific areas of your body comfortably. Every attachment has a unique firmness and shape to ensure the right treatment in the right area. Our attachments are made with closed-cell foam to easily glide over skin without absorbing lotions, sweat, oils, or TheraOne CBD products. The attachments are easy to swap out so that you can get the custom treatment you need when you need it.

Dampener– Used mostly for tender or bony areas. Perfect for overall use.

Large Ball– Used mostly for treatment of large muscle groups. Commonly used on glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

Standard Ball– Perfect for overall use on large and small muscle groups.

Cone– Used mostly for pinpoint muscle treatment and commonly used on smaller muscle groups including the hands and feet.

Thumb– Used mostly for trigger points and the lower back.

Wedge– Perfect for shoulder blades and IT bands and commonly used for “scraping” and “flushing,” which help to decrease the amount of lactic acid in muscles.

Supersoft™-Theragun’s version of vibration therapy and mostly used for sensitive areas, including bones. Includes 1 durable base and 3 hygienic, soft foam replaceable attachments.

If your Theragun Elite’s battery has died, the Theragun Elite Wireless Charging Stand will fully charge the battery within 110 minutes.

4th generation Theragun devices should only be charged using the power adapter or battery charger included with the device, or the following compatible charging stands:

Theragun PRO is compatible with:

Theragun Elite is compatible with: Theragun Prime is compatible with: Wave Roller is compatible with:

Please note that while the Theragun mini does not have its own charging stand, it does have a dedicated display stand with a convenient opening for its charging port. Connect the mini’s power adapter to the device while in the stand for a convenient charging experience.
All 3rd generation devices have dedicated 3rd generation charging stands, and cannot be charged using 4th generation charging stands.